The Series That Turned My Son Into A Reader.

If you don’t follow the blog, you need to know that my son is severely dyslexic. In the past, he has become very frustrated at words even to the point of yelling in frustration:

“I wish reading was NEVER invented!” 

So, when he found a series of books that he LOVED – it meant something.

In 3rd grade, he came home from school telling me about books his friends were reading. They were about cats who live in clans and the clans fight each other – Warriors by Erin Hunter.

Off to the library we went to find these books! We started in the section appropriate to 3rd graders, elementary chapter books. After searching for a while and finding nothing, I encouraged him to ask the librarian.

Imagine my surprise when she lead us straight to the TEEN section!!! WHAT?!? Okay, his friends at school must be ADVANCED readers. Holy Smokes!

The librarian misinterpreted my look of bewilderment (she had no way of knowing I’m a dyslexia mom), and said: “oh, don’t worry, these are in the teen section due to the level of writing, but the content is appropriate for his age.”


I said nothing. Just watched little man do this thing.

He confidently picked out the first book in the series, looked up at me and whispered: “You’ll download this on audiobook for me, right?”

Yes, sir!

We checked out the book, and he couldn’t wait to get home and READ it.

This was the first time my son discussed a series with me that *I* had not read to him! He read through 4-5 books in the series within a couple of months! 

There is nothing like discovering that MAGIC, and I’m a firm believer in a balance of using assistive tech tools and traditional eye reading practice. In this case, going with audio (instead of saying no) allowed him to grow self-esteem, learn new vocabulary, and completely comprehend a text written at a TEEN level. WOW!

This is true reading to learn.

“I can’t believe I’m reading what the other boys are reading, Mom!”

There’s nothing like that feeling in this whole world ….wow.

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